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This course will educate and prepare providers to deliver the evidence-based Period of PURPLE Crying education and materials to parents. The course contains 3 mandatory lessons and a quiz assessment that will take approximately 1 hour to complete. At the completion of this course, providers should feel confident in delivering the Period of PURPLE Crying program to families and answering their questions. The lessons included in this course are:

  1. Period of PURPLE Crying video;
  2. Period of PURPLE Crying booklet;
  3. CryingSoothingCoping: Doing What Comes Naturally video;
  4. Period of PURPLE Crying Implementation Training

Lessons one (1), two (2) and four (4) are mandatory to view. Lesson three (3) is highly recommended. 

Additional resources are available for download including but not limited to; Program Overview, 3- Minute Talking Points, Reinforcement Talking Points, FAQs for Professionals, FAQs for parents, NICU letter, Implementation Checklist, Fidelity Agreement, and copyright permission forms.