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This course provides a basic understanding of the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma (SBS/AHT) and how we think it can be prevented. The two (2) lessons included with this training are:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to SBS/AHT

  • History of SBS/AHT
  • Mechanisms of Injury
  • Signs, Symptons & Prognosis
  • Perpetrator & Victim Characteristics
  • Situational Factors Contributing to SBS/AHT

Lesson 2 - Prevention and Surveillance

  • Research History
  • Who do the Prevention Efforts Reach?
  • When are the Prevention Efforts Taught?
  • What Information is Taught?
  • Surveillance Efforts
  • Course Survey

This training is intended for parents and other caregivers, childcare workers, and students.